Million Metre Challenge

The swimmers at the club have given themselves a challenge to swim a million metres in training. They must record their metres each session and have this authorised by their lane coach.

Certificates are given at various stages as the swimmers attain their goals

Swimmers who have reached 10,000m are Mali Beech, Erin Evans

Swimmers who have reached 50,000m are Cerian Davies, Heledd Davies, Ben Woodward

Swimmers who have reached 100,000m are Lowri Swygart

Swimmers who have reached 250,000m are Holly Slater, Robert Slater

Swimmers who have reached 500,000m are Michelle Jackson

And the ultimate goal of 1,000,000m

– Craig Thomas achieved on 24th September, 2010

(If there are any swimmers at the club who have attained a new goal and it is not recorded above please let Cath or Chris know and a certificate will be provided for you and your name included on the list)