Swimming Standards

Click here to download the Swimmer Standards 2013-14




  • Tick your name on the register provided
  • Please arrive ON TIME & do your own pre-swim stretches
    Please visit the toilet and shower, have your caps and goggles on ready to start the club session ~ long hair to be tied back. Rushing to catch up without stretching can cause injury.  If you cannot avoid being late, you should apologise to your coach.  Late arrivals may be refused entry to the session for safety reasons.
  • It is important for all swimmers to have a drink

This should be in a plastic bottle without a screw top or loose top and the drink must not be fizzy.

  • Enter the pool carefully when directed and no jumping in.
  • Swimmers must pay attention
    All swimmers must listen and watch as your coach will often demonstrate what is wanted.  If you do not pay attention you will not understand what to do.
  • Learn the codes on the board

It is important for every swimmer to understand how to read the session board.  If you do not understand something that is written on the board you should put your hand up and do not call out.

  • Remember that every exercise set is possible it might just be hard work
  • No playing or horseplay will be allowed
    We ask all swimmers to behave both in the swimming pool and the changing rooms as your actions may be dangerous for you or someone else.  Fun time will be offered on occasions.
  • Leave the pool over the end or side immediately when directed.
    Either by you coach or a lifeguard.
  • Do not leave early without the prior permission of your Lane coach.
  • Safe use of swimming equipment

        The equipment provided Fins, Boards and Pull buoys have cost the club money to buy so we ask all swimmers to look after them and use them properly (such as not biting the kickboards and leaving tooth marks in them).                                                                                                                                           




It is important to us that you enjoy your club sessions and we would like you to think about all those who Coach and Volunteer and ask for you to treat them with respect.