Parent Charter

Click here to download the Parent’s Charter 2013-14 



Please ensure your child arrives to each session on time.

All swimmers must have been to the toilet, had a shower and warmed up before they come onto poolside. A swimmer rushing to catch up without stretching and proper warm-up can cause themselves injury.  If you can’t avoid being late, you should ask your child to explain to the coach.  Very late arrivals may be refused entry to the session for safety reasons.

Club Session Times

Swimmers should only attend the sessions allocated to the lane colour they are in.  It is important for the safety of all the swimmers and the development of the swimmer that they attend the correct time allocated and they complete that session time. Please discuss with our Coach if you are unsure which sessions to attend.  If you need to take your child early please arrange this with our Coach at the beginning of the session.

Please collect your child promptly after the session finishes.

The club has a responsibility for the children’s safety whilst they are on poolside.  Once the club session has finished and the children are off poolside they are the responsibility of their parents/guardian.

Parents are very welcome on poolside to watch any session.
The centre expects you to ensure your shoes are fit for the poolside with no mud in the tread. We require all parents to sit on the left hand side of the changing room doors.

Parents in changing rooms

To comply with Child Protection guidelines we ask all parents to wait outside the changing rooms whilst their children are getting changed.  If your child needs your help we ask that you take them into a cubicle.

No playing or horseplay will be allowed for safety reasons

Occasional fun time will be offered to the swimmers.

If you need to talk to a coach who is teaching please wait until the session finishes unless the matter is urgent.  Alternatively please make an appointment or pass a message through the Helpdesk.